Zen of Bracket Bingo

Like the smell of burning charcoal floating through the air on a summer afternoon; a happy time is close at hand. The 2018-19 NCAA Men’s Basketball Season is fast approaching. Less than 72 hours before the first game tips. A total of 147 games will be played during this obscene (in a good way) fiesta de baloncesto. 20 of the Top 25 ranked teams will be in action on Tuesday. Two games in particular that will garner mucha atencion are #10 Michigan St vs #1 Kansas and #4 Duke vs #2 Kentucky. Not too shabby a way to kick off the season.

So if you get a chance, watch a game or two or three or four or five. Better yet, get yourself a ticket and check out a game in la vie reelle. A basketball arena is like a woman; every one has a story to be told (and some can be quite boring but most are at least somewhat interesting). However, if you miss out on the games due to overriding events, that is also okay. There is no need to worry. The college basketball season is long (like a marathon) and not short (like a sprint). And Bracket Bingo is simple (like a sunset) and not difficult (like knowing thyself).

Enjoy the games (and don’t forget to vote); we’ll check in with you again soon. Thanks for reading!