Game On!

The 2017-18 NCAA Men’s Basketball season officially starts this Friday with many of the top ranked teams playing throughout the weekend. The Preseason Rankings are out so let’s take a quick look inside the numbers.


Some findings include that:

  • #1 makes it to the Championship 33% (Final Four 47%)
  • #2 makes it to the Final Four 40%
  • #3 has not won the Championship
  • #4 has won as many Championships as #1
  • Unranked teams have won as many Championships as #1

So will the preseason favorite Duke win a third Championship in eight years? Or will Michigan State return to glory like it did in 2000? Perhaps the trophy will make its way back to the West coast where it has been absent since Arizona won it all some 20 years ago. Maybe an unranked team (like UConn in 2011) will slowly climb the ranks as the season progresses and eventually take home the crown. Whatever does happen it’s sure to be an exhilarating season. Friday can’t come soon enough!