one by one they fall

That wasn’t supposed to happen. Shake Milton was supposed to make that layup (sorry USC). SMU would then move on to beat Baylor(3), then Duke(2), then Villanova(1), taking them to the Final Four for the first time since 1956. A Cinderella Run for a team that kept climbing to the top of national polls as the season closed. Nope, sorry, not today. Instead this insanely talented and athletic group of young men gets on a plane and goes home. Their impressive streak of 16 wins in a row comes to an abrupt stop. Their season is over. That’s the story, albeit not as poetic, for 31 other teams. The story ends for them as well. And for 32 more, another chapter is in the book. The next two days will tell us a lot about where this tournament is headed so sit back and enjoy.

*BB Update: This year’s Inaugural Competition is underway and the Leaderboard is showing numbers. It is far too early in The Game to have any inkling about whose board to fear. There were only 2 Bonus Bingos awarded this round but many more chances are available to all. If you’re not playing The Game then get ready for next year and start receiving information by signing up for BB Updates.