The power of one (not enough)

Looking at the image above you might at first glance think: “this hippie needs a haircut”. But then you notice the number: 3,667. That is the number of points scored during his college career at LSU. Keep in mind that the 3 point line had yet to be introduced. With a per game average of 44.2 points during his career, “Pistol” Pete Maravich sits atop the list of All-Time Leading Scorer in NCAA Div. I history. His college career accomplishments include being named National Player of the Year in 1970. Playing under his father and head coach,Press Maravich, Pistol helped LSU climb from the gutters. NCAA rules at the time prohibited first-year students from playing at the varsity level. Pistol’s freshman team was 17-1 while the varsity team that year was 3-23. In the 3 years that followed, LSU’s record was 14-12, 13-13, and 22-10 respectively. An impressive college resume but there is one thing missing. Pistol never made it to the NCAA Tournament, nowadays referred to as the Big Dance. The bracket will be revealed later today. 68 teams playing a total of 67 games. Each game having one player who will stand above and out shine the others around him, similar to the way Pistol must have trumped his opponents. And while individual accolades and recognition are revered, the most central goal is team driven. Winning the championship and cutting down the nets will be in the cross hairs of every team. And every team gets its shot. Are you ready?