They are the feared ones; men among boys. Opposing teams secretly stand in awe of their talent and strength. Five-star players fill their benches waiting to showcase uncanny skills. Think powerhouse. Think unstoppable. Think UCLA ‘67-73 (7 straight National Titles), Indiana ‘76 (Perfect season of 32-0), UNLV ‘90 (Crushed Duke 103-73 in Title game), Duke ‘91-92 (The team you love to hate), Florida ‘06-’07 (Back to back Champions). Think Kentucky, North Carolina, Kansas, Louisville. There are others but you get the point. These teams are the kobe beef and white truffles of college basketball. These are the much cherished #1 and #2 seeds. Teams awarded such stature know their place. They know where they stand, high up on the pedestal. However, they also are fully aware that their opponents are out for blood and would love nothing more than to knock them down. Respect those top seeds this year but remember that every monster has its weakness. Which titan will be the first to fall? But most importantly, who will be the last to remain standing?